Boo Hoo Hoo… time to head north.

It has been a good summer, but all good things must come to an end, so they say,  (I just don’t know who THEY are.) We will be heading home and with any luck be back in January.   I didn’t  get all my sewing projects  finished, but between the rain and  the  wind that likes  to  gust every time  I  lay out fabric,  it’s   been a challenge.  The Admiral has gotten alot accomplished.  He could have finished more but he takes alot of breaks.  In all honesty he has helped me  with  my sewing projects, which has kept him from his own tasks.      Since no one is posting on this site right now I guess I’ll update and let everyone know what’s happening.

Judy has gone to California to be with her sister. Our prayers are with them and hope she can return to the island soon.  So Jim is baching it again.

Dudley is playing grampa to the twins again.  Kathy is working too hard.  She can survive till next Oct. When we will throw one h… of a retirement party.  “Party” being the key word.

Sherlock is still getting tours lined up and spending alot of time in B R.  The boat is still not cooperating with Ronnie’s plans to head out to Cat Island.  What’s  wrong with  Whale  Island ?  I think that boat likes it here.

Lisa & Barry are still visiting their son here on the island most week-ends.  We hope they continue thru the winter.  Who else can give us fishing reports?

Sharon & Glenn are still commuting between here and Petal every other week.  We celebrated  both their birthdays this week.  Stop by their place and see the tree we all  gave Sharon.

Ken, Claudia & Nikki wander down from Poplarville as often as they can,  when the weather permits.  They have been sailing more than we have this summer.

Raymond and Celita commute from Petal also.  Their daughters & families camp out with them too!  Their golf cart is keeping the road hot.

We have another Petal family squatting on the island.  Robert & Gail have purchased the first camp on Whale and are making improvements daily.

We need to have a meeting of all members to vote in these new islanders.  Maybe  we’ll wait until  spring so everyone can get to know everyone else.  These newcomers may not want to be part of our crazy group.

We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.  CHEERS! Stay safe and healthy till we meet again!

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  1. Hello to all from all us Parkers!! We sure enjoyed reading your post Barbara. Miss you so much already! Glenn and I plan to head to the Island in the morning early and celebrate Turkey Day with the Sherlock Bros and whoever else shows up. We will certainly miss you and Captain Eddie! I really want to thank everyone for the beautiful tree and memorial stone y’all gave us in memory of my precious Mom. It was a wonderful thing to do for us. We really love you all!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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